Our Sustainability Program

Sustainable Mind. 

Many times we take our natural resources for granted and sometimes we forget that those resources are not unlimited. More importantly, our planet must be protected.

Our business approach is based on the " Three Sustainability Pillars Philosophy" and we are committed to a closed loop economy.

  • Environmental: Reusing existing materials, reducing landfill waste 
  • Social: Educating and encouraging a conscious consumption
  • Economic: Working with local suppliers, collaborating with local makers

Our main aim is to encourage you to make a conscious purchase decision. Enhancing our planet's wellbeing through initiatives that can help to decrease the footprint and generate a positive and sustainable impact. 

Why are our candles different ?

  • Our authentic vessels   

We cooperate with local restaurants/bars around Perth and collect wine and champagne bottles on a weekly basis. Each glass vessel is handcrafted with love by us. No industrial machines, not toxic chemicals are used.

It is important to know that wine bottles come with a "High Punt" or "Flat Punt". "High Punt" are the bottles with a big domed base. "Flat Punt", as the name suggests, are bottles with a flat bottoms.

Why do we only use flat bottom bottles ?

Simple, we want you to get the most out of your Pilgrims candle. With a flat bottom bottle you won't have any wax left overs which means more time to enjoy our product. 

But keep in mind for safety reasons you should stop burning your candle when there is approx. 1.2 cm wax remaining.

But we don't stop there. Wine bottle lids are reused as testers, so are all our packaging boxes.

  • Premium Natural Soy Wax

Our Pilgrims Candles are carefully hand poured in small batches, using 100% natural soy wax that is a renewable non-toxic source. It has a longer, cleaner burn and is biodegradable.

Comparing it with paraffin wax that contains petrochemicals, palm wax where native forests are being destroyed or harvesting bee wax which negatively affects the bees environment. 

  • Unique Scents

As natural as possible, for this reason we are using high quality natural fragrance and essential oils, that after the blending process transform into your favourites smells.

Our blended scent journeys are not a random selection. Each scent is inspired by heritage and our travels.

  • Eco Wooden Lid

Pilgrims Candles lids are more ecological than others because they are made from residual wood and come with a seal. Perfect for when you reuse your glass vessel after you've finished your candle. Meaning we do not have to cut more trees or extract more bark tree like in the case of cork lids.

  • Labels

Most of our labels and packaging are made from recycled paper and cardboard. We are trying to avoid plastic labels that are more contaminating and difficult to remove for reusing purposes.

Reuse your vessel.

Our candle vessels are handcrafted and designed to be repurposed or refilled with your favourite candle scent. When finished burning your candle, simply wash out any left over soy wax with hot water and detergent or return a clean and undamaged jar & lid to us (Maylands or markets) and get 10% off your next purchase.