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The Makers

Welcome to our shop !

We are Milton and Kim, the creative heads and makers behind Pilgrims. With our professional backgrounds in engineering and interior design, we are passionate about sustainable living and design. Bringing new life to recycled wine bottles for our eco-conscious customers and their cosy homes.

Why "Pilgrims", you've asked ?

We wanted to combine our German/Colombian heritage and life experience in Australia and take you on a journey through scents. A modern pilgrimage, so to speak. We are passionate about bringing people together from around the world who love travelling, discovering new cultures or/and were born overseas and have their family abroad. 

Our Pilgrims have found new homes all over Australia, Germany, Colombia and the USA. Listening to your stories and why you have chosen our products makes our day :)

Thank you for your support and we are looking forward to meeting you all at the upcoming markets around Perth.